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Humphry Osmond 1917-2004


Add some Celestial Psychedelic Ambiance to your next event!

Please contact "The Solar Fire Lightshow" for more information.


Add some Celestial Psychedelic Ambiance to your next event!
Please contact "The Solar Fire Lightshow" for more information.


A live presentation incorporating multi video and effect projectors exploring the relationships and interactions of colors mixed within the beauty of liquid fractal images, moire' effects, kaleidoscopes, mandalas, liquid oils, and strobe lighting blended with pointed imagery and assorted video effects that can be customized for any occasion.
This show is MIXED LIVE to the accompaniment of music - your live music or our pre-recorded music - and no two shows are ever the same! The length of the show can vary from one hour to all night affairs depending on what's desired. Small to very large displays are possible and are sized according to the venue.
This colorful eye catching display is suitable for festivals, concerts, parties, or fundraisers and can be customized with your preferred artwork, video clips, band (or) DJ's name, venue name & logo... even the logos of the event's sponsors!
This customized material can be seamlessly blended and mixed into the actual display itself. Multiple effects for every show are uniquely positioned and layered according to the demands of each venue. 
Projections can be on single or multiple screens, large light colored walls, trees, etc.
This show is great wherever lighting can be controlled and for nighttime events & festivals featuring live DJ's, pre-recorded music, or any other act that may benefit from a large, dazzling display of designs, color, and movement as a unique backdrop for their performances.
We can turn any event into a large, colorful, visual treat!

For more details please email or call:
 (216) 939-0456


Ozrics Tour




Thursday, April 12, 2007 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

In celebration of "OPTIC NERVE: PERCEPTUAL ART OF THE 60's" the museum will host a performance by "THE SOLAR FIRE LIGHTSHOW", a stunning psychedelic experience of light and color! DJs Killer B and Captain Lonesome will provide the night's soundtrack spinning the best garage and psychedelic music of the 60's.

Admission is free. Please call 614-629-0355 for more information.Columbus Museum of Art - 480 E Broad St. Columbus, OH 43215

Friday, April 20, 2007

NLQP's annual 420 show where the Early Birds gather to break the cabin fever!

FRIDAY NIGHT 4/20 - The Zen Tricksters, The Fareed Haque Group, Groove Prophets, and The Solar Fire Lightshow!

SATURDAY NIGHT 4/21 - One Under, Moser Woods, Ep3, The Chicago Afrobeat Project, Jim Miller Band, Big Brother's Brother, Jones 4 Revival, AudioEuphoria, with Screens by Garbaz!

Nelson Ledges Quarry Park - (440) 548-2716
12001 State Route 282 (Nelson Ledge Road)
Nelson/Garrettsville,Ohio 44231

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Doors @ 8:00 PM. The SOLAR FIRE LIGHTSHOW will be doing their unique visuals for the Byron Nemeth Group's CD Release party at the Jigsaw Saloon. See: for all the details. Joining them will be GRAVITY, EGO, and ROB METZ.

The Jigsaw Concert Club - (216) 299-7199
5324 State Rd. Parma, Ohio

Band to play NEARFEST on SATURDAY, JUNE 23rd 2007 *

STRANGE TRIPS is pleased to announce that the legendary British space rock band Hawkwind will headline the ninth annual NEARfest in Bethlehem, PA this year - giving hope that perhaps news of a US Tour isn't far behind! We'll keep our eyes and ears open for further news and post any
new information we may receive.

Led by guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Dave Brock, Hawkwind has earned world-wide renown for their 36 year musical mission to explore inner and outer space. From their genre defining classic albums "Space Ritual", "Hall of the Mountain Grill", and "Warrior on the Edge of Time" to their newest recording "Take Me to Your Leader" the band has blasted through the cosmos with their progressive hard rock guitar and keyboard led attack, sci-fi themed lyrics, and memorable songs. (and)

* pending expected visa approval

"Our Descent into Madness"

James L. Lascko

On this July 3rd - the eve of the celebration of our country's birth - it would be much more appropriate for us to be mourning the "Death of America" at the hands of the greedy and brutal Bush administration rather than attempting to celebrate the actual principles and high ideals that helped give birth to the bold experiment of a democratic republic governed "by the people for the people".

Our firework celebrations should be solemn this year rather than merry! Any thinking person will realize that the celebratory explosions are merely echoing the lethal bombs going off around the world as the Bush administration attempts to shove its greedy, ill conceived, and short sighted policies down the throats of resisting people worldwide at the point of the world's largest gun.

GONE is diplomacy... GONE is reason... GONE are the very ideals that once made America the beacon of freedom and hope for ALL the oppressed people of this world.

It has been replaced with unparalleled corporate greed, crushing governmental corruption, and incredibly ignorant and heavy handed arrogance on the part of America's so called leaders as they strip away our rightful heritage - and our future - along with our basic civil rights.

The last time these things were witnessed on such a massive scale was in Nazi Germany at the beginning of World War II when mindless and slavish obedience to the German's "State Policy" trumped any thought of Human Rights or Dignity! It took most of the world allied together to beat back the threat that was posed by Nazi Germany as their totalitarian regime waged a war of aggression on country after country after country.

The stakes have only gone up over time simply because there are more people living in this world with constantly shrinking resources to go around. Our new technology has enslaved us, not freed us!

It has increased the danger to peace loving people everywhere with its computerized high tech weaponry of planes, smart bombs, missiles, drones, etc. all controlled by governmentally brainwashed "do-anything-for-a-buck-plus-benefits" people sitting in front of monitor screens and likening their sterile actions to playing a video game... rather than actually killing people by the tens of thousands with just a push of a button mounted on a joystick!

Can anyone now doubt that conditioning our youth to electronic games and video screens over the last 20 years was for any other reason?

On this 4th of July people need to sit down and watch the movie "Schindler's List" to remind themselves of just what happens when greedy and small minded megalomaniacs run the government with no opposition at all from their people - when "The Law" is only what THEY say it is!

There are what's known as the "Laws of God", "Laws of Nature", and "Laws of Man"... and the United States of America has been violating them all for years with absolute impunity!

When will a "Summit of Civilized Nations" be called forth in order to address the problem of the United States of America running wild throughout the world - just as we once needed to band together in order to fight the threat of a rising Nazi Germany?

Eisenhower warned us about this very moment in his farewell speech of 1961 when he said...

"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military/industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together". - Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961

And from someone else who knew firsthand...

"Fascism should rightly be called corporatism, as it is a merger of state and corporate power". - Benito Mussolini

The time is here.. the time is now!

Stand up for what America is supposed to be about and let the sound of freedom, not oppression, ring across our land.


Strange Trips has recently learned that one of SpaceRock's most talanted and stalwart US supporters, DOUG WALKER (founder and driving force behind the band ALIEN PLANETSCAPES) had unexpectedly died of a heart attack on April 4, 2006 at his home in Queens, NY.

He follows his beloved late wife Fran into "The Last Great Unknown" and will be greatly missed by us all! Doug was a musician's musician and equally at ease whether performing on stage, or discussing various aspects of advanced musical theory in a classroom setting.

Politically astute (resulting from his coming of age in the turbulent 60's and 70's) he was greatly dismayed by this country's recent attack on our civil liberties and it's resulting slide towards fascism.

His band ALIEN PLANETSCAPES had appeared at many of our past shows and Strange Daze Festivals to literally stagger the audience with their unique and high-powered brand of tightly woven SpaceRock. Doug was extremely prolific in his musical career and produced many live recordings of his original compositions over the years - made mostly available on cassette tapes.

May God Bless you, Doug! It was my pleasure to have known you and it's my sincere hope that He will reunite you with your dear wife on some distant sunny shore...

Scott Heller ( and Jerry Kranitz ( have plans to put some items concerning Alien Planetscapes on a new site that Scott is developing. Please contact them if you should have any photographs, articles, reviews, interviews, etc. concerning AP that you are willing to share.

Condolences, pictures, special memories, or a few simple words of encouragement may be sent to:

The Walker Family
191-32 116 Ave.
St. Albans, NY 11412

MayFlowers Festival Lights!

THE SOLAR FIRE LIGHTSHOW is pleased to be appearing at NELSON LEDGES QUARRY PARK for the 10th MAYFLOWERS MUSIC FEST taking place May 19th/21st.

This event will combine the OHIO ROCK 'N REGGAE FESTIVAL with Nelson Ledges' first ever ART & MUSIC SHOW!!

Artists include...Carlos Jones and the Plus Band... Jim Miller Band...Bob Niederriter Quartet... Sultans Of Bing... Boombox... The Ark Band... Willy Mac Music... Hypnotic Clambake... Mifune... Sage... The Kellys... with art showings and vendors such as Julie Leatherbarrow (Leatherbarrow Glasswerks)... Sam Vecchio & Patti (Cosmic Glass)... Cindy Chmielewski (Paintings)... Jim Sharrer (Matchstick Art)... Victoria Miller (Paint on Wood)... and John "Pops" Dickerson (Photography).

Nelson Ledges has some mighty fine camping with cool quarry lake swimming - and lots of good people hang out there! A VERY MELLOW AND LAID BACK PLACE... so be sure to join us for some FUN IN THE SUN and get this summer off to a good start!


THE SOLAR FIRE LIGHTSHOW will be making an appearance at the 2nd CLEVELAND PROGRESSIVE ROCK FUSION FEST taking place Saturday June 10th, 2006 at the JIGSAW CONCERT CLUB located at 5324 State Road Parma, Ohio - just 3 blocks South off I-480's State Rd. Exit.

Appearing (in this order) will be Ego, Rare Blend, Byron Nemeth Group, and KMOB. Special guest MC will be Randy Allar of CSU's The Fusion Show on FM 89.3 Doors open at 8pm Only $5 for 21 and over and $8 for those who are 18-21.

The last one was a complete blast! It's a beautiful new concert club with GREAT SOUND and excellent views of the stage, very good and reasonbly priced food - plus a large selection of your favorite beers! Stop in and check it out... I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

4/20 Lightshow

The next "SACHSENHEIM BALL" is going to happen on 4/20 and THE SOLAR FIRE LIGHTSHOW is proud to be part of the mix!

April, 20, 2006 at Sachsenheim's Hall
7001 Denison Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44102
$12 adv / $15 dos

All sides of town will come together on 4/20 for a good time grass roots blow-out featuring the hippest electronica, turntablism, beatboxing, independent film, interactive art displays, live bands, unreal lightshows, incredible vegan cooking, highly skilled baristas, and artists of all stripes from the city of Cleveland and beyond - all packed into an elegant, 3 story, multi-chambered event facility.

Artists participating will be: Mifune... Sultans of Bing... Carlos Jones & the PLUS Band... Xe La... ModQuad... Waterband... Neil Chastain... JP and the Chatfield Boys... ULTRALAST... Smiley Baldazar... Echo Canyon Players... The Caribou Foot... The Groove Prophets... The People's Republic of Gefiltestan... One Way Rider... Cuyuga... DC & The Continentals... Hot Sauce Gravy... Corinne Noelle... Kevin McCarthy... Ryann Anderson... JiMiller Band... Jane Dough... Newport... Danny Longhair... Willy Mac Music... John Welton... Chase The Tale... E-roc Sosinski... The Brian Combs Experience... The Solar Fire Lightshow... Grumpy... and so much more, more, more.

Plenty of non-alcoholic beverages will be available with an all night tea house courtesy of the Lakewood Phoenix Coffee House. The Ball is a chance for everybody sweet to meet and greet. SEE YOU THERE


Beginning with the Hawklords in 1978, HARVEY BAINBRIDGE has proven himself to be one of the longest tenured HAWKWIND veterans to date. A one man dynamo, he surrounds himself on stage with keyboards, synthesizers, and samplers. Harvey is known lyrically for his socially relevant commentaries and can soothe you with
dreamy, spacey ambiance - or jolt your consciousness awake with his trancey, pulsating beats and direct vocal approach! His signature Hawkwind compositions such as "Dream Worker", "The Changing", "T.V. Suicide", and "Back in the Box" shows that Harvey has an acerbic wit and very keen observation while his contributions to Hawkwind classics like "Valium Ten", "Free Fall", "Angel Voices", "Coded Languages", "Dust of Time", "Mutation Zone", "Joker at the Gate", and the increasingly prophetic "Fall of Earth City" have helped Hawkwind maintain their legendary underground status. For more information please visit:

SPACESEED hails from Atlanta, GA and play their own unique brand of spacey, high energy, rock & roll... loud, raucous, and almost punk-ish at times! They released "Future Cities of the Past Pt. 1" and did a 13 date US tour with NIK TURNER in 2004. This year they joined forces with HARVEY BAINBRIDGE and will release "The Empire of Night" on the newly formed Zeta Reticuli label.

THE SOLAR FIRE LIGHTSHOW is an eye assaulting, mind bending, psychedelic stew of colorful geometric designs, B/W moires', oil wheels, strobes, and more - all combined with some very striking images of deep space and beautiful alien planetscapes! They've toured with HAWKWIND, OZRIC TENTACLES, GONG, PORCUPINE TREE, and NIK TURNER and have done light shows for many others over the years. To view photos of past shows online please visit: (and)

Tour Venue Links:

w/ UK's SpaceRock DJ Terry Hawke LIVE!

Terry will be the Compere/DJ at this year's "Spacerock Spectacular" at Bicester, Oxford on September 30th starting at 7pm. Expect an "aural massage" of searing Space-Rock, Electro-Synth and Ambient pulsations. Five bands will be playing live: Modal Logic, Grooveweird, Bubbledubble, Underground Zero, and Assassins of Silence.

Searching for psychedelic eye candy for your head?
And while you're visiting them be sure to look into the fabulous PSYTOPIA festival that they are putting on in Jamaica this coming August: It's shaping up to become THE EVENT of the year!


Anubian Light's "PHANTASCOPE" is to be released this winter and a five piece line up is gearing up to play the first shows in 2 years. A video for the song "Wild Winter" is due out soon and the new Anubian Lights LP with Lydia Lunch will be out this September on Atavistic.

The Anubian Lights track 'Walking Eagle" appears on the Haack LP [Eenie Meenie] and also features Stereolab, Mouse on Mars, Dimitry, Beck, Dj me/dj you, The Eels, etc. This release will coincide with the release of the movie "Haack".

Chermitt the Atmosphere (a NEW Space/Krautpop project from Grenas, Kirk, Fox, and Guttmacher) is in its finishing stages. The new LP will be called Krautmask Replica and negotiations are now in progress. It should be coming out this fall.

Farflung are currently recording their 5th LP and it's going great! An extended space opus is brewing - and that's just what's to be expected from California's premier Space Travelers!

Plans to tour are in the works...

Ozric Tentacles Tour

HERE are some great photographs (courtesy of Cindy Kunst & Susan J. Weiand) along with some smaller video captures of the Ozric Tentacles 2005 US Tour recently completed with The Solar Fire Lightshow - in place of their usual Fruit Salad Lights - because of a sudden emergency.

It was a great time for me and many people came out to see the Ozric's once again! Many thanks to the band - Ed, John, Brandi, Metro, and Justin... their crew... and all the many other individuals that helped them through the states this time around.

Strange Trips wishes Jasper (from Fruit Salad Lights) good luck and a most speedy recovery! We sincerely hope and pray that he's up and running again at full throttle very soon.

We would also like to thank the Ozric Tentacles for giving The Solar Fire Lightshow an opportunity to at least TRY to fill his extremely large shoes! ;-)


Thanks to all that came out to the recent Nik Turner & Harvey Bainbridge
shows in Cleveland, Ohio. Nik Turner, Spaceseed, Harvey Bainbridge,
Cotton Casino & company... they all turned in great sets and everyone
really enjoyed gettting together once again! A few photos HERE...

Check out Harvey Bainbridge's page: containing a short biography, discography, CD reviews, and sample tracks from all of Harvey's releases - including the songs he did with Hawkwind! You can also buy Harvey's previous releases on this site that are now available as very good quality CD-R's. Must haves for any Hawkwind fan!


Wot?... No Festivals? Never mind - Come to the Real Music Club!

Support this proposed monthly event featuring Real Festival Music bands
and others at The Marlborough Theatre (Upstairs at the Marlborough Pub)
4 Princes St, Brighton, Sussex.
For upcoming shows and more complete information please see:


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