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Strange Daze 2001 Band Bios


Beginning with the Hawklords in 1978 Harvey Bainbridge became one of the longest-tenured Hawkwind veterans to date, still performing with them from time to time. Since the early 1980's Harvey has been periodically releasing his solo works on the side (most recently "Red Shift") and he also maintained a partnership in the Alman Mulo Band for a time. Harvey has long ago developed his own unique musical style and surrounds himself with banks of keyboards, synthesizers, and tape devices. Lyrically he's known for his socially relevant commentaries, both humorous and insightful. His signature Hawkwind compositions such as "T.V. Suicide", "Mutation Zone", and "Back in the Box" attest to the fact that Harvey has an acerbic wit and certainly has helped Hawkwind maintain their legendary underground status through the "Dark Ages" of hair metal and new wave. Musically Bainbridge will calm you with dreamy ambiance only to jolt your consciousness awake with pulsing electronics and a direct vocal approach. You can look forward to yet another rewarding audio visual experience as he recreates (or even exceeds) the transcendent atmosphere of his headlining performance at last year's Strange Daze 2000 performing against cosmic backdrop of The Solar Fire Lightshow once again!


Hailing from Sunderland in the north of England, Mr. Quimby's Beard has quickly commanded a great deal of attention as the next in line of great British psychedelic artists continuing in the long admired tradition of Hawkwind, Here 'n' Now, and the Ozric Tentacles in the UK. With three excellent Space Rock albums already in the bank, we can only expect yet greater works of wonder in the future from these relative newcomers to the psychedelic multi-verse. Their debut CD "Out There" appeared in 1995 on the Demi Monde label. Since then have continued on with the dynamic family of psychedelic artists at Stone Premonitions right through to their latest release "The Definitive Unsolved Mysteries of Mr. Quimby's Beard". MQB releases feature copious amounts of swirly electronics from keyboardist Hardy amidst a mesmerizing amalgam of cosmic lock groove anthems, reggae beats, and blazing guitar leads. It's a tried-and-true recipe that the five have now taken to another realm. The "SD 2001 Shrouded in Mystery American Tour" will feature the first performances of Mr. Quimby's Beard on American soil....and we're in for a real treat!


As the grandfathers of American Space Rock, numerous phases of NYC's Alien Planetscapes have come and gone since 1980. Sometimes more rock, other times a bit jazz-y or electronic. Their champion and guiding force, known to most as Dr. Synth (but to some of us as Doug Walker) is at yet another crossroad. Who knows what will be seen on stage at SD2001 this fall! Recently an album's worth of synth/guitar instrumental music based on the "Red Mars" trilogy of novels by Kim Stanley Robinson was recorded featuring Doug with old time friend and collaborator guitarist Rich Orlando. Alien Planetscapes has lived for a long time sequestered in the cassette underground of NYC and recently some of these great works have again seen the light of day as limited edition CD-R's that the band has released themselves. The easiest way to get your grubby paws on some of these is to come to the show! In the meantime check out their website and pick up a copy of their '97 classic-of-the-future "Life on Earth". It sounds nothing like that and is actually more reminiscent of Life in Deep Space!

QUARKSPACE (Columbus, Oh)

Columbus, Ohio's very own Space Rock quartet, Quarkspace, have baffled those of us who have attempted to sum up the band into a neat little descriptive package and I think they enjoy doing that to us. You will see them alternately described as a prog band, a jam band, a psych-folk band, an electronic band, etc...and they are all of those! Their "Spacefolds" CD series (now totaling seven releases) show off their improvisational moments and the epic "Hidden Moon" two-CD package reveals their unique song crafting and studio prowess. In either situation you'll always hear intertwining electric piano and piercing guitar leads. Sometimes superimposed on freaky rhythmic loops (manually adjusted midstream to preserve spontaneity) and at other times drifting above the rumbly rhythm bass of Chet Santia. Quarkspace is a 21st century solution to a nearly exhausted 1970s ethic (is Yes still touring?). Last year they pioneered the two-day indoor SpaceRock festival thing with Quarkstock 2000. It was one hell of a show, so come on out and experience the same vibe in suburban Cleveland
- you won't regret it! For more info on Quarkspace please visit:


The five member orchestra that the mustachioed genius refused to expose will once again emerge from their cryogenic sleeping pods to amuse and entertain you. Fronted by college radio personality and keyboardist Chas Smith, ESO are even more visually-enhanced with the presence of violinist and harlequin character Michelle George. At least that's the guise she sported at Strange Daze 2000! ESO have recently offered up a CD full of original songs titled "Sex in Another Dimension" and another called "Witch Disco" which is full of amazing improvisational works. Their song styling are lively, mischievous, and fun! Take a bit of Floyd, a dab of Ziggy Stardust, a wee smattering of gothic rock, throw in a little B52's for good measure and stir repeatedly. Reduce heat and then watch 'em simmer! The orchestra has been known to accompany the Rev. Ivan Stang of the Church of the Sub-genius (Hail Bob!) and they are also a mainstay of the annual Starwood Festivals at the Brushwood campground in western New York. Certainly a band not to be missed!

DRUMPLAY (Cleveland, Oh)

Drumplay is an improvisational percussion trio inspired by Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and Middle Eastern rhythms. Whether in performance, workshop, or educational presentation, no two Drumplay concerts are alike. Founding member James Onysko has spent time with Sun Ra and congeo Warren Levert with Nigerian master drummer Babtunde Olantunji. It's common to see multiple instrumentalists come by and contribute additional flavors to this percussive base. In the past, these have included saxophonist Christopher Burge and Tim Strelau on vibraphone. With their seemingly telepathic abilities to communicate with one another, Drumplay is always able to incorporate these other instruments into their works seamlessly. It's always a rewarding experience to watch these artists at work! For more info on Drumplay please visit:


Masters of the free improv technique, the members of Speaker\Cranker have assembled in parallel with their other Cleveland area ventures that include Pere Ubu, Mirrors, Rainy Day Saints, and Pufftube. Together the brothers Pickering (Keith on guitar - Scott behind the drum kit), and bassist Jim Donadio are most adept at laying down the driving beat that's a legacy of such classic Krautrockers Can and Neu. Once the beat is established, the freakishness flies in via a host of electronic gear that generates a myriad of synthesizer sounds and other noises. In recent years they've performed to amazed audiences with the likes of Gong and Bevis Frond and several members gathered together with other friends at Nelson Ledges last year as Trans-Lunar Express. Speaker/Cranker's self-titled debut CD was a stunner and more is expected soon! For more info on Speaker/Cranker please visit:

NUCLEON (Cleveland, Oh)

Nucleon coalesced about five years ago after a few years of honing their chops in clubs all along the North Coast. They recently managed to compile all their best tunes onto the most excellent "Hyper-Emitter" CD that's now available on the Manic Moon label. This collection is full of crunching space-doom tracks that match the thundering space bass of founder Paul Resnik (who lets loose with tremendous bursts of psycho-kinetic energy and space-FX) with the sizzling leads of Rich Troha, while M.L. keeps quality time behind the skins. Lyrically they tackle such important issues as the threat of being overrun by giant robots and monsters. Veterans of several Strange Daze events they never fail to please the hardcore spacerock fans - plus a fair number of metalheads along the way. I've said it before and I'll say it again..."Nucleon is Spacier than doom metal and doomier than Stoner Rock." Nobody else is doing it quite the same way that the Nucleon power trio are now masters of! For more info on Nucleon please visit:

RED GIANT (Cleveland, Oh)

Like Nucleon Red Giant is a raw and powerful entity taking an old Black Sabbath ethic and bringing it forward into a new design with, yes, a seriously aggressive approach - but all the while being full of surprising complexity in their songs. Some of Red Giant's compositions are quite extensive, multi-faceted works and hardly follow the one-riff approach of so many modern band wagoning stoner bands. Red Giant appear to have made quite an impression upon Dave Wyndorf (of Monster Magnet
fame) who has been quoted as calling the foursome "One of the best stoner rock groups playing today". In past years they've opened for plenty of heavyweights (Hawkwind, Voivod, Fu Manchu, etc.) as well as routinely doing their own gigs at establishments such as the Euclid Tavern. Red Giant have released two CDs to date, most recently "Ultra-Magnetic Glowing Sound". Following their performance at the inaugural Strange Daze '97 in Brushwood NY, their space anthem "Rooms of Shord" appeared on the 2-CD SD'97 compilation. For more info on Red Giant please visit:


Heavy Liquid is a quartet that plays a kick ass brand of punked out, rock 'n rollin', stoner psychedelia! The band consists of Doug on vocals, Trezz on fuzz & wah guitar, Suds on drums, and Jay Liquid on bass. As youngsters the members sought out the underground rock of the '70's like Hawkwind, the Stooges, Blue Cheer, and Slade. Heavy Liquid was born after guitarist Trezz pondered the question "what would happen if the Stooges and old (Lemmy era) Hawkwind collided"? Heavy Liquid's
only recorded release to date is their 3-song EP which was produced by Phil Caivano of Monster Magnet There's lots of influences here and this is some fiery, rocking stuff. It's too fast and energetic to be labeled Stoner Rock, though it's certainly in that mold! It's got '70's heavy rock, punk, and tripped out psychedelia all rolled up into one neat ass kickin' package. High energy and total psychedelic stoned out rock 'n roll!

THE RICK RAY BAND (Cleveland, Oh)

Rick Ray is a guitarist (perhaps one of Ohio's best) who bursts the shred-o-meter mercury with his heavy brand of jamming, progressive rock. Rick started over 20 years ago with his band Neurotic and has released many recordings under various band names. Since 1999 there has been a flurry of output which has seen 13 full length Rick Ray Band CD's released, the most recent being the 2001 "Manipulated D.N.A.". It's a killer set of tunes that may well be Rick's best to date. With influences ranging from Mahogany Rush (he recently opened for them in Cleveland), Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, and the Beatles, Rick has a beautifully lyrical playing style that sings even when he's burning up the fretboard. An avid student of the Bible with a particular interest in the Book of Revelation, Rick's albums are thematically potent and cover such subjects as a One World Government, Aids, Cloning, The Atomic Bomb, DNA manipulation, Mind Control, and the prescription drug scourge that is sweeping our nation.


Space jazz ensemble formed in 1999 after drummer Cliff Ferdon had seen saxophonist Bonnie Kane & bassist Scott Prato playing one of the loudest shows in the history of mankind at CBGB's. The band have two releases to date, "Soul Motive" and "Water On Mars". Each has a different line up that reflects a somewhat different sound from one to the next. "Soul Motive" features lots of horns (and acid rock to boot) while Water On Mars" is characterized by the band's more free jazz and improvised influences such as Sun Ra. Though new guitarist Sal Musameci appears on a few tracks, the guitar is essentially relegated to the background as the band plays music that could well be from a long lost Arkestra set. Strange Daze 2001 attendees are sure to get a lesson in how music can be very tripped out with a lineup of horns just as well as with an army of guitars!

NIK TURNER (England)

A founding member of Hawkwind, Nik has proven to be one the most enduring and popular frontmen the band has ever produced. Not nearly as prolific as Robert Calvert, but embodying a charisma and energy surpassed by few others in the spacerock genre. Nik's performances are usually very dramatic and unique. Sometimes he's a spaceman with big, black, eyes and a shining silver face under his helmet, and other times he materializes as a man-like reptoid creature from another planet - with a special message for mankind! After leaving Hawkwind, Nik helped form Inner City Unit, a hardcore punk-like band, and has gone on to work with many others often sitting in at the drop of a hat. His blatting saxophone and flute can be heard on many recordings, as well as his distinctive vocal deliveries. Nik is a crowd favorite and loves to meet his many fans and other spacerock admirers. Come on down and see Nik do some of his Inner City Unit material that is rarely performed in the US, and meet him as he presses the flesh and meets his fans at SD2001.


The trio of Willy Mac (guitars/vocals) Westside Rick (guitars/keyboards/vocals) and Rusty Pugh (bass/vocals) is one of Northeast Ohio's favorite hippie-fest acts. Playing both old and new material, Willy Mac and Westside Rick's instrumental and vocal talents are truly ear catching and have attracted a rather large following of fans with a sound influenced by CSNY, the Grateful Dead, and James Taylor. They're staunch supporters of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and are always willing to come out for the cause. Willy Mac covers the entire gamut of the hippie genre!


These guys play raw, acid drenched space rock to the Nth degree. The quartet consists of Billy Syndrome (guitars/vocals) Scott Prato (guitars/vocals) Cliff Ferdon (drums/trumpet/keyboards/vocals) and Evil Jim (bass/vocals). Syndrome's tortured, but passionate, vocals meld beautifully with the bands free form deep-in-space psychedelic freakouts and the sonic whole often recalls early Guru Guru jams. Totally raw, totally freeform, and totally tripped out! So if you like the rawest of early Hawkwind, exploratory Krautrock bands, and the most acidic of power rockin' psychedelia, then JFK Jr. Royal Airforce is just the tonic for you.

"Mr. Quimby's Beard are one of the fastest rising bands in the British independent music scene. Their multi-media stage show and powerful live presentation recall the glory days of such great bands as Pink Floyd, and the even more esoteric Hawkwind, while adding a modern sound to this style of music making it uniquely their own. Along with other cutting edge UK bands like Ozric Tentacles, Porcupine Tree, Bedouin, and Spacehead, they are destined to make their mark in the neo psych-rock community. Mr. Quimby's Beard constantly presses the outer limits while they drag the traditional cosmic psychedelia screaming and kicking into the 21st century. This is a band that's not to be missed".

Hailing from Sunderland in the north of England, Mr. Quimby's Beard has quickly commanded a great deal of attention as the next in line of great British psychedelic artists continuing in the long admired tradition of Hawkwind, Here 'n' Now, and the Ozric Tentacles in the UK. With three excellent Space Rock albums already in the bank, we can only expect yet greater works of wonder in the future from these relative newcomers to the psychedelic multi-verse. Their debut CD "Out There" appeared in 1995 on the Demi Monde label. Since then have continued on with the dynamic family of psychedelic artists at Stone Premonitions right through to their latest release "The Definitive Unsolved Mysteries of Mr. Quimby's Beard". MQB releases feature copious amounts of swirly electronics from keyboardist Hardy amidst a mesmerizing amalgam of cosmic lock groove anthems, reggae beats, and blazing guitar leads. It's a tried-and-true recipe that the five have now taken to another realm. The "SD 2001 Shrouded in Mystery American Tour" will feature the first performances of Mr. Quimby's Beard on American soil....and we're in for a real treat!

Mr. Quimby's music has often been described as a combination of dark and dreamy Pink Floyd with the psychedelic high energy jams of the Ozric Tentacles and Hawkwind's extremely spacey and repetitive riffs. But even with these obvious musical influences, they still manage to hammer out a unique place of their very own in this dark and psychedelic musical universe. Those who see them live immediately embrace their music which has resulted in the beginnings of a world wide following. Supported by ex-Hawkwind members Harvey Bainbridge & Nik Turner, they recently completed their first American tour and headlined STRANGE DAZE - America's premier SpaceRock event. Upon returning to the UK, Mr. Quimby's Beard were invited to join Hawkwind at their 2nd Annual Christmas Party gig held in London at The Forum on December 20th and are slated to open for the Ozric Tentacles in their home town of Sunderland, England on March 18, 2002.

Mr. Quimby's Beard (along with America's Strange Trips and The Solar Fire Lightshow) is presently arranging a European Tour which should include Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, etc. around April and May of 2002.

The Recent Adventures of Mr. Quimby's Beard

2001 US TOUR
19/10 - Milwaukee, WI - (Thai Joes) w/ Harvey Bainbridge
21/10 - Columbus, OH - (Little Brothers) w/ Harvey Bainbridge & Quarkspace
23/10 - Chicago, IL - (JJ. Kelly's) w/ Harvey Bainbridge & Nik Turner
27/10 - Cleveland, OH - (Beachland Ballroom) - Headliners Strange Daze Festival
30/10 - Cullman, AL (Civic Centre) w/ Harvey Bainbridge, Nik Turner, Rwake
3/11 - St. Petersburg, FL. (State Theatre) w/ Harvey Bainbridge, Nik Turner & Tzamp
6/11 - Atlanta GA. (9 Lives Saloon) w/ Harvey Bainbridge, Nik Turner & Spaceseed

20/12/01 - London - (The Forum) - supporting Hawkwind at their 2001 Xmas Party
18/03/02 - Sunderland - (Manor Quay) - supporting Ozric Tentacles


Mr. Quimby's Beard Biography

Founding band members Kidd, Ray, and Hardy have worked together in many musical guises off and on since 1983. In '91 they started what was initially a "recording only" project using the new name of "Mr. Quimby's Beard", producing 4 albums worth of material during the next two years.

In 1993, Kidd joined the spacerock band "Afresco Mantis" as a flute player. At the time Alfresco Mantis was looking for a supporting act and it was suggested that MQB play a gig with them. So Hardy, Ray and Kidd decided to take the project to the next logical step and, taking them up on the offer, they became a actual live band.

Asking fellow Sunderland musicians Gaz and Eddy Barrow to join them in their new venture, MQB's first line up was in place by 1993. With Ray on guitar/vocals, Kidd on bass/vocals, Hardy on keyboards/synths/vocals/FX, with Eddie Barrow on guitars and Gaz on drums they performed live as MQB for the first time 6 weeks later. The line up stayed this way until 1994, when Eddie Barrow decided to leave the band amicably for various personal reasons. MQB spent the next three months as a 4 piece outfit.

It was around this time that MQB and Stone Premonitions linked up when Tim Jones and Terri B. put an advertisement in a local music news letter in '94 looking for space/psych bands to promote. MQB sent a demo to them, but never really expected a reply. Fortunately for MQB, Tim & Terri loved it for what it was and had the foresight to see that the band had a lot of potential if they could only be allowed an opportunity to record in a proper studio. Conversely, after MQB met with Tim and Terri, there was no doubt in their minds that Stone Premonitions and Mr. Quimby's Beard were made for each other!

It was as a four piece during this time that they recorded their first album subsequently released as a cassette by Stone Premonitions. Shortly after this release Dave (Thrash Bastard) Thorburn joined them on guitar, playing a few live gigs with MQB and appearing on the CD "Out There". Davey "Bongos" Johnson also guested during the summer of '94 at Gaz's request to add extra percussion. He too played a few live gigs with MQB and you can hear his recorded bongo tracks on the song "Snake Dance" from the CD "Out There".

In November of '94, after several labels showed some interest, Mr. Quimby's Beard signed to Demi-Monde who released their album "Out There" on CD in 1997. MQB's track "Traveling", taken from the "Out There" album, was also featured alongside the likes of Amon Duul II, The Groundhogs, and Mother Gong on the Demi-Monde compilation CD release "Welcome to the World of...".

After not showing up for a gig in December of '94, Dave Thorburn was asked to more fully commit to the band or leave and MQB had to make the difficult decision for him in January of '95 when he didn't show up once again. Spencer Arkley (guitar) replaced Dave and played live with MQB from spring '95 until the summer '96. Spencer was a great guitarist and entertainer, but the intense non-musical differences between Spencer and Gaz in the summer of '96 proved to be just too much for Ray and Hardy. They decided to call the present incarnation of MQB quits, but with the idea of starting it up again in the future.

Hardy went back into the studio near the end of '97 and started working on a follow up to his solo album "The Light" which was recorded after the completion of "Out There". As Ray & Kidd became more and more involved in the project, it was decided to reunite with Gaz to make this the 3rd Mr. Quimby's Beard release and to also have Tim Jones (guitar/narration) & Terri B. (backing vocals) as guests on this album.

MQB had actually recorded their first two albums with Tim as engineer before anyone even knew he played lead guitar! On finding this out MQB persuaded Tim to play on the album and he really did a great job! That's also Tim's voice that you hear on "A Glimmer Of Hope". Unfortunately, Tim & Terri have never played live with MQB because their involvement in other projects like "The Rabbits Hat", "A Body Full Of Stars", and "Census Of Hallucinations" were already taking up all their time.

Then, after almost 3 years in the making, the year 2000 saw the release of MQB's 3rd album "The Definitive Unsolved Mysteries of....". The album received much critical acclaim from both the music press and the public and the first pressing was completely sold out within 6 months of it's debut.

After having moved away a few years earlier to become a school teacher, Jim Walton (guitarist and a founding member of Afresco Mantis) returned to the NE area of England in 1999. MQB were looking for a guitarist at the time so they asked Jim to join MQB, which he did.

Soon after, Gaz left the band in mid rehearsal because of musical differences and then dropped out of sight. It was Gaz's leaving that paved the way for Jim's brother Chris Walton (drums) to join MQB. Chris was also a founding member of Afresco Mantis, and unlike brother Jim, he is still with them today. At the moment he's a valued member of both bands and a very talented artist who's responsible for the "Out There" inner sleeve and the artwork on "The Light".

Stone Premonitions is still a cooperatively run independent underground music label based in the North East of England. Started in 1993 by Tim Jones, Terri B, and Steve Ellis, it has grown into one of the finest psychedelic labels in the UK today! Bands on the label include: The Rabbits Hat, Census Of Hallucinations, Krom Lek, and Spacehopper to name but a few.

Freaky Fungi was started in 1999 as the spacerock branch of the Stone Premonitions label to help cope with the ever increasing work load of Tim & Terri. It's ran by MQB band members Hardy, Kidd, & Ray. Freaky Fungi bands include Mr. Quimby's Beard, Afresco Mantis and Hardy.


Mr. Quimby's Beard - "Mr. Quimby's Beard"

Originally a Stone Premonitions cassette release 1994
Available on CDR from Freaky Fungi
Hardy - keyboards/synths/FX/voice
Kidd - bass
Ray - guitars/vocals
Gaz - drums

Mr. Quimby's Beard - "Out There"

Released on Demi-Monde 1997
Hardy- keyboards/synths/FX/voice
Kidd - bass
Ray - guitars/vocals
Gaz - drums
Dave Thorburn - guitars
Guest Davey Johnson - bongos

Mr. Quimby's Beard - "The Definitive Unsolved Mysteries Of...."
Freaky Fungi/Stone Premonitions 2000
Hardy- keyboards/synths/fx/voice
Kidd - bass
Ray - guitars/vocals
Gaz - drums
Guest Tim Jones - guitar/narration
Guest Terri B - backing vocals